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24/7, Active admins, Dedicated, Mods, PVE, PVP, TeamSpeak

TerminusPZ || PvP & PvE/RP Area ||


TerminusPZ || Dedicated 24/7 PvP and PvE (part) multiplayer server ||

Many mods and more maps than any other server.

Active admins voluntarily run events in game.

Teamspeak server - details can be found on our reddit page -

Dedicated no PvP/PvE area, New Denver is a safe place for new players to find their feet and get to know other players before moving off to more dangerous places, engaging in rivalries and joining a faction.

Exclusive faction management mod, create your own faction tag and control who gets to be a member via the /faction invite command, all done through the local chat line.

Server operator is always open to good suggestions from the community and is a veteran player. We impliment the most fun mods as soon as they are tested stable to maximise the enjoyment you can get out of Project Zomboid :)

Zero map reset record. Since our inception we have not reset our maps, so everything anyone ever built is still there (so long as nobody moved in and changed it). We are comitted to not reset maps unless official game updates force us, or the majority of the community is requesting one. In such an event, we will do our best to bring your base (if possible). If we can't do that, you can take screenshots and our admins will rebuild it for you when time is available to them.

Simple, clear & understandable ruleset -

1 - No destroying players bases, only entry/exit damage will be allowed.

2 - No PvP in New Denver - for more detail regarding the boundaries, see the Server Map @

3 - No destroying main item spawning containers.

4 - No cheating or reloading saved characters especially when playing PvP.  When you are caught, you will get one warning, then ban. Just play clean, it's more fun that way.

Community for all, sanctuary for all, those who arrive survive.