Update 24th august

Hello everyone, this is Aricane letting you know that changes are inbound for pz-mods.net. It's been two years since pz-mods.net was launched and seeing that it's still doing rather well I have been working on an update that will bring a fresh new slick design.

The current design was perfect for a beginning, but contents have grown beyond it and with the dry news sections I thought it was better to put mods on the front page. There is no ETA on the update, but I'm guessing that is is a couple of weeks ahead.

I have a few other new features too on the drawing board that will justify the presence of the most popular unofficial project zomboid mod repository and I'm pretty confident that it will be awesome.


  • aricane

    Thanks dude :D So far it haven't blown up yet.

    Oct 5. 15
  • ethanwdp

    Some suggestions:

    New color scheme would be great. Too much white, and the orange is a bit ugly. (though the latter is most likely because I don't like orange :P)

    Most popular mods of the week/of all time and a daily auto-generated showcase/gallery of mods on the front page like the Steam workshop main page would be nice.

    A forum?

    Other than that, I really can't find anything else to complain about. Features are much more clearly presented (for example, an actual like button on the comments instead of a small orange link), and everything feels a bit cleaner.

    Oct 6. 15
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  • Svarog

    Too much white, it really hurts my eyes. I like the new layout but please, have some kind of "Night Browsing Mode" I can't look at the site for more than 5 minutes without sunglasses.

    Oct 6. 15
  • ZedHead

    Can't wait for the update, looking forward to more content being on this site since personally workshop is lacking and always has. Good luck to you Aricane.

    Sep 7. 15
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