The Unofficial PZ map

One of our favorite german contributors Blind coder has sacrificed a substantial part of his spare time in order to bring us infected project zomboid gamers a sense of orientation within the first Project Zomboid map of Muldraugh!

This map features zooming, scrolling, points of interests and what not. If you haven't already, be sure to check it out.

Check out the map here:


  • H3RB4LS

    This is very nice and could help a lot when it comes to posting quick issues with map(s). Maybe also add a list view of most recently added so it's easier to check them off the list. Great work.

    Dec 23. 13
  • Death_SpecteR

    I love this map!
    I had to use it online to figure out where the hell I was.

    'House by the
    Coords: 10161x6723
    Cell: 33x22
    Rel: 261x123

    Mar 26. 14
  • Death_SpecteR

    12gb your kidding right?

    --You can right click 'save as', it will save whatever your current view window is.

    Mar 26. 14
  • xbenlewisx

    where can we download

    Nov 9. 13
    • aricane

      Unfortunately it's not downloadable. You will have to use your browser

      Nov 12. 13
    • aricane

      I just noticed that the map actually CAN be downloaded. Blindcoder describes how here:

      Nov 19. 13
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  • umoito

    nice job! i think it's pretty useful since if i lived in a small town i actually would have knowledge of my surroundings in a situation like a zombie apocalypse, i also think it shouldnt show every single building and tree though. anyways, thanks to the german dude!!

    Nov 14. 13
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