Start making your own maps

Start making your own mapsWhile regular mods that adds items and gameplay mechanics to PZ are great fun, they tend to get outdated when the maintainer lacks time or interest. Mapping is a more safe way to add content to Project Zomboid because the map file format rarely gets updated.

Why maps?

Many players has come to know Muldraugh and West point like their back pockets, so the community is craving for new challenging maps. With the right tools at hand, you're ready to meet those demands!

Several map projects are popping up, like the recreation of Chernarus which some might recognize as the large map of Arma II. PZ oldtimer RingoD has been creating the first community map of Bedford falls and a lot of buildings ready to merged into existing or work-in-process maps.

Recreate your home-town, your school or your own personal utopia, the possibilities are limitless, and share your map with others. Do I need to mention that hosts maps ad free as well as mods?

Get started now or check some of the awesome projects

Thuztor, a friendly PZ veteran, has prepared a get started guide on the public PZ forums. Go take a look.

There's a lot of buildings and maps ready for your inspiration. So go get going!


  • hugobarboss12

    I would make a giant made of dirt and wood.

    Apr 24. 14
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