Come communities!

Did you know, that the Project Zomboid speaks German, French, Polish and Russian? How awesome is that? Several community websites are doing a awesome job providing help, information and good solid tips about Project Zomboid. They deserve some extra credit.


There is no doubt that germans takes a zombie threat serious, they are one of the most active and contributing community members of PZ. They also have on of the best community websites.

Despite busy Germans, Russian actually takes second place with 4,13% of visitors language. I hope they'll be happy to know that welcomes them all with open arms.

Poland does us a great honor by having a community portal both with a good flow of news and a forum for curious polish speaking people.

Allons enfants de la patrie. The French community has a forum and a very active and up to day news coverage.


Am I missing your community -by Saint George! Tell me about your great news and I will pass it on right here on


  • Dr_Cox1911

    Thanks for the extra credit aricane!

    Apr 27. 14
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  • chesterek666

    Actually, polish site is availble to buy, because author has no time to manage it.

    May 8. 15
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