Build 26 is just around the corner

Build 26 is just around the cornerBuild 26 has prepared a solid list of changes for us including a set of lovely new features and a number of fixes that makes you appreciate your scroll button.

In short: new features

  • New cooking system introducing evolved recipes
  • New food source: fishing
  • Several new items mainly food
  • The hunting knife - ouch
  • Food poisoning now comes in degrees, bleach being the most severe.
  • Added right click option to chop down trees
  • Slegdehammer looses condition when used to destroy buildings


  • Hunger satisfaction lasts longer
  • Reduced weight of frying pan by 50% and Pot of soup by 33%
  • Spiffo gets more rare

And countless of multiplayer and singleplayer fixes.

The cooking system

Ahead of us is a new cooking system making cooking more flexible. Introducing a new script concept of "evolved recipes" food making is becoming less about finding specific ingredients to instead using what you have at your disposal. In fact evolved recipes allows the player to pour in 5 ingredients making the soup more satisfying for each different ingredient you add. To perfect your new stew, you can even add one type of spice like salt and pepper to make the soup less boring. The new cooking system also adds a possible to prepare non toxic less satifying food from rotten food items. However in order you need to have cooking level 4 in order to use spoiled food.


Another appealing feature is fishing. And while noone will argue that even during a zombie apocalypse it is important to enjoy the recreative and peaceful activity of fishing, this will provide the unwillfully vegatarian players with a new source of food. More details as of how this will work has yet to be released.


For a full list of changes, check the forum post.


  • hugobarboss12

    Nobody have 15 chickens!

    Apr 23. 14
    • aricane

      everybody in Kentucky has 15 chickens! :P

      Chickens has 40 hunger points IIRC, using it as ingredient will substract 15 points from it. So consuming the whole chicken after it has been used once as ingredient will give 25 hunger satisfaction.

      Apr 24. 14
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