Swap Equipped by aricane
  • by aricane
  • 14. Jul 2013
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Swap Equipped 1.1

Swap swap swap your primary and secondary weapon.

Press TAB to swap

NOTICE: If you downloaded this mod before, PLEASE REMOVE media/lua/SwapEquipped.lua as the file is deprecated after installing the updated version

The 1.1 update was made by RoboMat, thank you dude ;)


-Now uses the onKeyPressed event by courtesy of RoboMat
-Files restructured. PLEASE REMOVE media/lua/SwapEquipped.lua as the file is deprecated


  • RoboMat

    One of those mods that should be in the vanilla game. I can't play without it anymore :)

    Aug 3. 13
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  • Blackbow

    I found how to make it work.

    So it's just a problem with the lua file structure who changed since the build 25.

    cf : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/6615-lua-mod-changes-required-in-25/

    so install the mod like usual and the mod file structure should look like this :

    ...\Swap Equipped\media\lua\Mods\SwapEquipped\TimedActions

    Now just rename the Mods folder by client.
    It should look like this now

    ...\Swap Equipped\media\lua\client\SwapEquipped\TimedActions

    this mod should rly be added ingame !!!

    Aug 10. 14
    • a_krampe

      if done what you said...it still does't appears in my game...do i still have to remove that file...cuz that files seems to be in a different folder in my case...and other mods do have a lot more files and folders...

      thanks for you help

      Aug 11. 14
  • Blackbow

    i hope the mod maker will not be mad if i put a link
    if break any rule by puting a link of updated mod i'm sry...

    anyway here is my updated version of the mod it work fine for me :
    http://www.mediafire.com/download/j3az1gc7cdu81dr/Swap Equipped.rar

    extract the file in :

    Aug 12. 14
  • a_krampe

    rad...thx a lot mate it is working just fine...

    Aug 15. 14
  • a_krampe

    it doesn't work...what do i have to do

    Jul 13. 14
  • Death_SpecteR

    Works like it says on the package!

    Mar 28. 14
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