Corpse Mod by johndough
  • by johndough
  • 5. Aug 2013
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Corpse Mod 0.9.3

Extract this to the *root* folder, not the media folder. 

This mod will allow you to clean your safehouse, remove corpses and also adds new ways of getting infected. Two new items are added: drainable bleach and gloves. Use bleach to clean your safehouse of zombie corpses and gloves to protect yourself from infection when dealing with corpses. 

This is work in progress. Please let me know if you encounter any bugs.



Update 0.9.3:
- Added realistic infection chances
- Added gloves item. The icon looks amateurish. I need to improve my pixel art for the final version. Gloves are used simply by having them in your main inventory(not backpack, plastic bag etc.)
- Added chance of infection when cleaning, removing corpses or grabbing from corpse inventory
- Hypochondriacs have a very large chance of catching a "fake" infection when dealing with corpses
- Hypochondriacs refuse to clean without gloves
- Hypochondriacs complain when living in infested rooms, and of course, have a large chance of catching fake infections if they do
- Fixed naked corpses bug. Probably. If this appears again, a restart will always fix it now.
- Tweaked bleach spawn rates

Update 0.9.2:
- Changed chance of infection. I had accidentally set this to a debug value that was much higher than intended. Players who care about their character should download again.
- Added some sound effects
- Added option to open old bleach item types. This will convert them to the new bleach item type.
- Possibly fixed naked corpses from spawning. Please let me know if you experience this.


  • bashprompt

    Don't add new infection methods. The games hardness is constantly effected by people making mods. "Spoon mod: Adds wooden spoon, and increases your chance of falling on it, impaling yourself through the eye and dying by 87%!" Woo. Yay. .__.

    Just let us remove corpses, without the hardness increase, please?

    Dec 22. 13
    • johndough

      The plan was to make this toggleable through the infection option, but I never got to finishing this mod. When/if the game matures a little, I might come back.

      Dec 26. 13
  • galbar

    Yop I'm right with bashprompt and not ;p

    Sure add hardness everytime is boring for players, sometime not.

    But in this case if we think like in movies&TVshows, only a bite can infect you, or in walking dead the simply the dead because every one is already infected.

    But if the plan is to make it toggleable is fine, choice is let to players.

    Johndough : your mod is naturaly and absolutely necessary ! It's natural to can move corps ;)

    Thanks dude for your work and don't let it behind ;p

    Jan 18. 14
  • Eveline

    I'd really love it if this mod would be revived. I assume that it doesn't work with the current version.

    If you do revive it, could you please add an optional file where you only get the functions of cleaning away corpses, but without the additional ways to get infected? Also, do gloves frequently spawn? Else it'd be very difficult and highly risky to ever touch a corpse.

    Thanks for reading, please reply whenever you can~

    Jul 3. 15
  • Zilicov

    What is a *root* folder? I do not see it i my directory. I only see mods, media, etc

    Mar 17. 14

    Hey, I ve registred my self only to beg someone to finish this mod.

    i would love this mod working with actual build. the mechanic of cleaning your hideout after a battle and avoiding infections by rotting corpses is to obvious to be missing in that game.
    right now there are no gloves and interaction with corpses not possible.
    ive tried now 2 days getting this mod to work, but im absolutly no moder at all.

    pls pls keep it up to date, thx a lot for great the work so far. :)

    Mar 20. 14
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  • Death_SpecteR

    I made a 'poster.png' for this mod.
    for a dead mod, that's how I do it.

    Mar 26. 14
  • johndough

    Haha, I will use that if I revive the mod

    Mar 27. 14
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  • johndough

    If someone can convince the devs to add getter/setter methods for the blood splats, then I can continue with this mod. That was really the main thing that made me give up on it, since it was kind of half-baked without blood removal.

    Mar 27. 14
  • Death_SpecteR

    :D Thanks. Well I like the idea of this mod. The screen shot I used was when I figured out some houses have alarms and to not stay but run! ;)

    Mar 28. 14
  • Ostromice

    Hi, i can not find that gloves. 2,5 weaks allredy.

    Nov 12. 13
  • ucv

    Hello , nice mod , here you go :D hope links are enabled.

    Nov 26. 13
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    • bashprompt

      OP: USE THIS PLEASE. And increase the frequency of gloves.

      Dec 22. 13
  • nilske1987

    i have problems with naked bodies, and i started after i installed mod so :/ playin the latest build on steam so gr

    Nov 28. 13
    • johndough

      Hi, this was made for a PZ version that is 6 months old now. It probably works very badly for newer versions.

      Dec 26. 13
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